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YingMei Medical Door, founded in 2007, the production base is located in China's doors - Zhejiang Yongkang. Belongs to China • Qunxi Group. It is a research and development, production and marketing of medical door, with a large medical hospital door door manufacturer. But also domestic production of medical professional development door manufacturers. Companies in order to narrow the gap between the medical system and even catch up with the doors in the industry, the gap between China and Europe and other developed countries, particularly the introduction of European production and processing technology. With advanced professional products for the benefit of the people.

The company occupies 40,000 square meters, there are three medical testing laboratory door production base, a medical door. Senior and middle managers, high-ranking engineer, high mid-level technicians, professional R & D team of more than 120 people, the introduction of German production equipment more than 50 units, the industry has a unique medical profession testing laboratories. Relying on group hi Group interior door years of industry awareness and knowledge.

Companies with advanced design concepts, advanced equipment, first-class technical team, design and production of special hospital doors, medical doors, hospital doors, hospital ward door, the hospital operating room door, hospital radiology CT room door, hospital clinic door, hospital office door, wooden hospital dedicated doors, steel doors hospital dedicated antimicrobial hospital dedicated door, hospital-specific radiation doors, door children's hospital, Maternal and Child Health courtyard, general hospital door, hospital of doors and other products. Companies in the fashion health, professional design and production purposes. Currently Jolimark medical door distribution network throughout the country, the products are sold at home and abroad, the annual sales volume has reached 150,000 Tang, at home and abroad more than 200 three, dimethyl hospitals, pharmaceutical companies provide a full range of product design and production as well as consulting and installation guide.

Long-term production of medical practice in the door, drawing international advanced technology and management, passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification and in the European Union CE certification, has been recognized as "Top Ten quality interior doors Fort brand" "China signs green materials", "the doors of 30 market assured brand", "National wood interior doors top ten enterprises", "Healthy steel doors of the first enterprise certification unit," the title, won a number of "utility model and appearance Patent "" China timber circulation Association Wooden Door Commission executive director units "," National Federation of steel doors special committee director unit "," China construction metal structure Association member units "," 2008 Zhejiang most investment potential enterprises "," 2008 my favorite the bedroom door design competition Gold Award "," China gate industry (steel doors) ten white gold "," China's top ten steel doors brand "honor, strictly follow the ISO14001 environment system certification.


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